Monday, March 12, 2007

Oak Island and growin up with Keith Ranville

Greetings! I am writing to the likes of my friends, and people I associate with to bring forth a story that is more intriguing than any I have heard in a long time. Now what makes this story more intriguing is this is a person that I've known for a long time. One day he started to speak to us about a treasure; now of course we all looked at him with animosity; because who really; out of the blue just starts to talk about a treasure. I always knew Keith to be very above averagely intelligent; now to us we thought it was something that he was making up. Now what is more interesting is one day he Left his life behind and everything he owned in Vancouver to adventure across Canada to Oak Island in Nova Scotia to find this treasure. Now all of this was a tremendous surprise to the likes of everyone I knew. Now a year and half goes by, and guess who I hear from, Keith Ranville, and he was actually onto something. I don't know but to me this story doesn't happen to many people; and I am in contact with Keith to this point. I have gained a distinct interest in this treasure. He is going through a lot of hardship from the people looking on one of the two islands, and it is where most of the treasure hunters have been looking for over 215 years, taking lives, and costing millions of dollars up-to-date; and they figure his new interpretation is going to put a ruin on their tourist attractions and so-forth. I'm going to ask you all on my list to forward this out so we can get this story out. He is of Cree descent, and has put a lot of his personal time towards the awareness of his findings. It would truly to me be an honor to make people aware of this story of such an admiral scenario. Check this out; it is definitely worth the interest. Respectfully Corey Desjarlais Ranville is a self-taught researcher born in Manitoba. While living in Vancouver, he became acquainted with the Oak Island mystery and began studying it.